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How Our 360 Photo Booth Hire Works

MELBOURNE'S BEST 360 Photo Booth

Melbourne 360 booths is an interactive self-service, video booth to help you throw the ultimate party.

The Ultimate 360 photo booth experience. Capture all the fun and excitement of your party in a unique 360 video.

Our booths are perfect for any event, whether it’s a birthday, engagement, hens or bucks night, corporate event or wedding. Melbourne 360 photo booth hire will make your party one to remember!

Book the 360 photo Booth! 
You can typically do this by contacting the rental company or completing an online booking form.

Prep & Step

One of our attendants will guide you through the process of the 360 Photo Booth and how it operates. Now you are ready to step on the 360 Photo Booth platform!

Camera. Lights. Action

The camera rotates so you can capture your best moments and angles.
It does this rotation making you a great video that you can keep forever!

Upload & Share

All video footage is accessible within seconds. With a few clicks,you will have the video on your device,
ready to upload to social media and sent it to your friends!

Some of Our Best Clients

Companies and Groups That Enjoyed Our Melbourne 360 Booth Hire!

laz ninkovic
laz ninkovic
I had Melbourne 360 Booths for my wedding. My guests had an absolute blast! I extended the service for an extra 2 hours as the booth was a real hit! Chris from Melbourne 360 Booths was an absolute legend! Great communication and organisation. He had a warm smile and ensured my guests were well looked after and got a turn on the booth. I got all the footage the next day. I highly recommend!! Chris you were an absolute legend and I thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mikaela C
Mikaela C
We used 360 Booths for the Music Victoria Awards and it was fantastic! They were professional, timely, and delivered the videos super quickly. It was a cool addition to our event!
Chris Lane
Chris Lane
Thanks to Chris and his team for providing all guests attending our event on NYE a 360-booth experience. Chris was easy to work with, quick to respond and can highly recommend.
Wowsees! I'm absolutely shocked with the amount of 5 star reviews here. I don't know if it's the Christmas/ new years period so maybe they are just not on the ball but i was excited by the reduced package offered on this businesses website, seems to be too good to be true (as the saying goes). I reached out, followed their text to secure fast, i payed the deposit, then filled out their form and then email confirmed as per their text request. I then heard nothing and asked for an email confirmation, they then msg asking me to make deposit after i had emailed and texted confirmation of this deposit etc and asked them to message yet again with confirmation, this back and forth has continued and the request has been going on now for a week, to the point it started feeling scammish but i mean they have lots of good reviews so it has to be perhaps they are having an off moment but honestly I don't remember ever having such a frustrating experience communicating with a business in a long time. If it's this hard to actually get confirmation of a booking, there is no way I trust them to be reliable for an event. Today, I asked for my deposit back based on the experience and they said no citing they don't offer refunds and i said given the terrible experience and lack of confirming my booking (still today) i think it's justified, still they said no and I said well i will escalate this and will have to leave reviews plus let all my event friends know to avoid if they simply refuse to fairly acknowledge a terrible experience & resolve, they still denied, so here I am - leaving a review is always a last resort - as all businesses deserve a fair go but if something is out of line it needs be called out to protect others from a similar experience. I believe everyone deserves a fair chance to resolve something and I have given that. So i'm out of pocket, granted a small deposit but still, all they had to do was offer to resolve the issue which was now at the point of just give my money back. And sadly, my hand was forced, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!
Melbourne 360 Booths were such a great company to work with when organising our event. Chris was great with all communication leading up to the event and was also so helpful on the evening. Everyone loved the photobooth and has created memories for years to come. We highly recommend using Melbourne 360 Booths. Chelsea Calisthenics Club
L Hutch
L Hutch
Amazing service from the team! Chris on the ground was great!
Gregor Moodie
Gregor Moodie
Had Melbourne 360 photo booths at a work Christmas party, great to work with and the photos that come out are excellent
Kim Kirstine
Kim Kirstine
I scoured through Photo Booth options, nothing hit the spot quite like this. When I booked Chris at Melbourne 360 Booths, he turned up the party. I still have friends talking about our wedding and how much fun they had re-watching all their reels from that night. Best money we ever spent!!
Richard Graham
Richard Graham
We were photographing and videoing an event and had the pleasure of seeing the 360 Booth in action. It was so much fun, Chris is a true professional and the setup really helped us capture really fun and happy content of the all the attendees. Highly recommend for any event.

What makes us different?

Highly Trained Team

Uses the number 1 software

Provide in depth data analytics

Melbourne 360 Photo Booth Hire​

We offer innovative and one-of-a-kind event services that will leave participants speechless!

Lady in costume on a photo booth stage

Our goal is to redefine the event entertainment experience. With the 360 Photo Booth Booth,  you’re not only going to have access to state-of-the-art equipment and services, but you can also count on our commitment to giving you the best service possible.

Unlike traditional photo booths that only capture images from one angle, 360 Photo Booths uses a rotating camera to capture a 360-degree view of the subject or group.

Overall, the 360 Photo Booth is an innovative and engaging event entertainment experience that provides a unique way to capture memories and engage with attendees. It’s particularly well-suited for events like weddings, corporate events, trade shows, and brand activations.

Our 360 Photo Booth Services

The 360  Photo Booth is a popular option for capturing the entire experience of an event or occasion. With its ability to create seamless videos in ultra-high definition, it allows viewers to feel like they are fully immersed in the action. The slow-motion boomerang effect is an added bonus that adds a fun and playful element to the videos.


A 360 photo booth offers a unique and immersive experience for your wedding guests. Unlike traditional photo booths that only capture images from one angle, a 360 photo video booth captures a 360-degree view of the scene, creating a more interactive and engaging experience.


360 photo booth hire can be customized to fit the theme of your birthday theme or style. You can choose custom backdrops, overlays, or branding options to make the booth unique to your event.


The cameras used in 360 photo booths are typically high-quality, resulting in professional-grade images and videos that you and your guests can keep as a lasting video copies for brand awareness or other marketing materials you can use!


Fun and Entertainment! A 360 photo booth can be a fun and entertaining addition to your wedding, providing your guests with a unique way to capture memories and interact with each other. This is the best booth hire for any event!

Melbourne 360 Photo Booth Benefits

Immersive Experience

The 360-degree camera allows for an immersive experience that captures every detail of the moment, creating a memorable and interactive experience for participants.


360 Photo Booth can be customized to fit any event theme or branding, adding a personal touch to the experience.

Social Sharing

The 360 Photo Booth allows participants to share their photos on social media, making it an excellent marketing tool for businesses and brands.

High-Quality Videos

Our 360 video booth captures immersive and high-quality videos that bring your moments to life from every angle.


Yes! We travel all over Australia.

You get as many as you want. The more you take, the  more you get!

Melbourne 360 booths is an interactive self-service, video booth to help you throw the ultimate party. The Ultimate 360 video booth experience. Capture all the fun and excitement of your party in a unique 360 video.

At Melbourne 360 Booths, we have two (2) models with different sizing.

Standard: (100cm) : 1-4 poeple

Large (115cm): 1-7 people

Yes! We provide props to ensure you have the mossst fun possible.

Of course! The 360 booth is a great tool for all types of brands to market their product.

A minimum space of 2m x 2m is required. 

However, a space of 3m x 3m is preferred!