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Red Carpet & Gold Bollards Hire

Gold bollards are often used in combination with red carpets to add an extra touch of luxury and sophistication. They can be used to create a physical barrier or to mark off a VIP area.

Book your special red carpet and gold bollards!

Love Letters Signage Hire

Love letter signage is a popular choice for weddings, engagement parties, and other romantic occasions. These signs typically spell out the word “LOVE” in large, illuminated letters, creating a beautiful and romantic backdrop for photos and other special moments.

Giant Numbers Hire

Giant light-up numbers are a popular choice for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other milestone events. These numbers are typically several feet tall and are illuminated with bright, colorful lights, making them a standout feature of any event.

melbourne 360 photo booth

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes! We travel all over Australia.

You get as many as you want. The more you take, the  more you get!

Melbourne 360 booths is an interactive self-service, video booth to help you throw the ultimate party. The Ultimate 360 video booth experience. Capture all the fun and excitement of your party in a unique 360 video.

At Melbourne 360 Booths, we have two (2) models with different sizing.

Standard: (100cm) : 1-4 poeple

Large (115cm): 1-7 people

Yes! We provide props to ensure you have the mossst fun possible.

Of course! The 360 booth is a great tool for all types of brands to market their product.

A space of 5m x 5m is required.

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