Do you want to create a truly unique wedding experience for your guests? A 360° video booth can do just that! The 360° Video Booth is a unique and engaging experience that captures 360° high-resolution videos of your guests. No other Video booth does what the 360° video Booth does, no other video booth gives you the same look and feels as this one.

1. Provide High Quality Videos

The 360 Booth is equipped with the latest in technology and has software that allows the user to put their wedding guests into high-quality videos that they can watch and re-watch on their device at any time.

Melbourne 360 booths is a video capture experience that captures 360° high-resolution videos. Event attendees step onto a platform where a high-end camera attached to a revolving mechanical arm rotates at high speeds 360 degrees around them. While rotating, it captures videos at up to 120 frames per second, which our booth cloud-based platform processes instantly using proprietary AI technologies.

While the video captured by the 360 video booth is very high resolution and detailed, the videos are even higher quality because the user can zoom in and out while the video is playing.

2. Best Booth Experience In Any Event

Melbourne 360 booths, like our booth and other video booth experiences, can capture multiple people at the same time. Our 360 Degree Booth can comfortably fit 4-5 people and hold nearly 500 lbs of weight, depending on size. 

This is quite impressive given the epic content that can be created using the 360 video booth. Plus, the experience is incredible with the customizable backdrop and light colours, which are completely animated making the experience unique to your event.

3. It Is Customizable To Your Wedding Theme

Your video is priceless and your guests will want to remember your wedding day. They are also a great way to document your special occasion. But if you don’t want traditional prints from your photographer, this video booth is exactly what you need!

We can customize the video text or design to match your theme. In light of the pandemic, it’s better to avoid physical props and opt for digital videos. High-quality videos with effects or text can be shared digitally. 

4. Best Event Ice Breaker

It’s impossible to avoid the power of ice breaking. Renting our 360 booths is like having your own personal break room for your guests, because after all, who doesn’t want to see videos, and pictures or know how fun their wedding was? 

If you are unsure of having time to use your video booth at your wedding, let it be known that renting one will not only save you time in the long run but make your special day more memorable and entertaining!

5. Additional Fun and Memorable Activity To Your Event

If you are looking for the best way to entertain your guests, then the 360 video booth is the way to go. Having a 360 video booth at your event means that you do not need to worry about entertaining guests, as the booth will do that for you. Your guests will never have to wait long to acquire their party snapshots. 

They can instantly grab a copy of their pose or send it directly to their smartphone. With a 360 photo booth at your event, you do not need to worry about entertaining guests, as the booth will do that for you.

Most people do not know that a 360 video booth is an essential item for any event. It is especially nice to have at a birthday party, anniversary or graduation celebration. Holding your guests’ attention while they are busy taking group videos can be hard to do and takes up a lot of the attention of the host. A 360 photo booth allows everyone to take selfies together in one spot. You can see who is willing to get on one with you or go home with them later! Customers will find this better than virtual reality as it offers more privacy and is more fun to use since you’re actually there.

Melbourne 360 Booth Hire

Experience the next generation of photography with a 360 video booth experience. This unique machine can be used for various purposes, from capturing precious moments at weddings to marketing and real estate. Our team can help you to choose your favourite video booth video and share your experience with friends all around the world.

That’s why we created the 360 video booth for people like you who want the best of both worlds. Get the most out of your event and make it more memorable by having us in your program or event area. Contact us today!

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