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Looking to add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your next event? Melbourne 360 Booths offers the perfect solution with our unique and entertaining photo booths services. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any other celebration, our photo booths are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories for you and your guests. Let’s dive into what makes Melbourne 360 Booths the go-to choice for photo booths fun in Melbourne.

Why Choose Melbourne 360 Booths?

At Melbourne 360 Booths, we know that every event is special and deserves to be remembered. Our photo booths are designed to provide not only high-quality photos but also a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Our photo booths are equipped with the latest technology to ensure you get the best possible photos. From high-resolution cameras to professional lighting, every detail is taken care of to make sure your photos look amazing. Plus, our 360-degree photo booth offers a unique twist, capturing every angle of the fun and excitement.

We understand that every event is unique, and we offer a range of customization options to make sure our photo booths fit perfectly with your theme and style. Choose from various backdrops, props, and photo templates to create a personalized experience that your guests will love.

Our photo booths are designed to be user-friendly, so your guests can easily take great photos without any hassle. With touch-screen controls and intuitive interfaces, taking photos is a breeze. Plus, our friendly attendants are always on hand to assist and ensure everything runs smoothly.

In today's social media-driven world, sharing photos instantly is a must. With Melbourne 360 Booths, your guests can instantly share their photos via email, text, or social media, making it easy to spread the joy and excitement of your event.

Melbourne 360 Booths

Perfect for Any Event

Our photo booths are versatile and perfect for any type of event. Here are some of the occasions where Melbourne 360 Booths can make a big impact:


Capture the love and joy of your special day with our photo booths. Guests will have a blast taking photos with fun props and backdrops, and you'll have a collection of candid moments to cherish forever. Plus, our custom photo templates can match your wedding theme for a cohesive look.

Birthday Parties

Make your birthday party unforgettable with our photo booths services. Whether it's a milestone birthday or just a fun get-together, our photo booths add an extra element of excitement. Guests of all ages will enjoy taking silly photos and creating lasting memories.

Corporate Events

Add a touch of fun to your corporate events with our photo booths. Whether it's a holiday party, product launch, or team-building event, our photo booths provide a great way for employees and guests to relax and have fun. Plus, our customizable options allow you to incorporate your company branding for a professional touch.

School Events

photo booths are a hit with students, providing a fun activity and a way to commemorate these important milestones. The instant sharing feature ensures everyone can share their photos with friends and family right away.

Perfect for Any Event

Choosing Melbourne 360 Booths means more than just renting a photo booth; it means creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. Here’s what you can expect when you book with us:

Professional Service

From the moment you contact us to the end of your event, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring everything is set up and ready to go on the day of your event. Our attendants are professional, friendly, and always ready to help.

High-Quality Photos

Quality is our top priority. We use top-of-the-line cameras and lighting to ensure your photos are clear, bright, and beautiful. Plus, our 360-degree photo booths add a dynamic element that takes your event photos to the next level.

Fun Props and Backdrops

No photo booth experience is complete without fun props and backdrops. We offer a wide range of options to suit any theme or event style. From elegant to quirky, our props and backdrops add an extra layer of fun and creativity to your photos.

Custom Templates

Make your photos truly unique with our custom templates. We can design photo templates that match your event’s theme, colors, and branding, ensuring every photo is a perfect fit for your celebration. This added touch makes your photos even more special and memorable.

Contact Melbourne 360 Booths

Ready to take your event to the next level? Contact Melbourne 360 Booths today to book your 360 photo booth and create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of fun to a corporate activation or capture the magic of a wedding, Melbourne 360 Booths has you covered. Visit Melbourne 360 Booths to learn more and book your 360 photo booth today. Experience the difference that a 360 photo booth can make and ensure your event is one to remember. Incorporating a 360 photo booth into your event is a surefire way to create buzz and engagement. With Melbourne 360 Booths, you get high-quality service, instant social media sharing, and an immersive experience that captures the essence of your celebration. Don’t settle for ordinary—make your event extraordinary with a 360 photo booth.