Enhance Your Event: Top Social Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne

Social Photo Booth

In the age of social media, capturing and sharing moments instantly is essential for any successful event. Melbourne 360 Booths offers cutting-edge social photo booth services that not only preserve memories but also enhance social engagement. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or awards night, a social photo booth brings an exciting, interactive element to any gathering.

What is a Social Photo Booth?

A social photo booth integrates the traditional photo booth experience with advanced social sharing capabilities. It captures high-quality images or videos and allows guests to share them instantly on social media platforms. This creates a fun and engaging way to document your event and increase its visibility online.

Benefits of Hiring a Social Photo Booth

  1. Increased Engagement: The immediate sharing feature boosts interaction and engagement among guests.
  2. Customizable: Match the booth with your event’s theme through custom backdrops, overlays, and branding options.
  3. Social Media Integration: Direct sharing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter amplifies your event’s reach.
  4. High-Quality Outputs: Professional-grade photos and videos ensure every shared moment looks stunning.


A social photo booth at your wedding adds a unique touch, allowing guests to capture and share their joy instantly. It’s an excellent way to engage attendees and create lasting digital memories.

Corporate Events

For corporate events, a social photo booth is a powerful tool for brand promotion. Attendees can share branded photos and videos, increasing your event’s visibility and engagement online.

Awards Night

Make awards nights even more memorable with a social photo booth. Capture the glamour and excitement as awardees and guests share their special moments live on social media.

Corporate Activations

Enhance your corporate activations with a social photo booth. It attracts attention, encourages participation, and generates a buzz both at the event and online.

Why Choose Melbourne 360 Booths?

  1. Professional Service: Melbourne 360 Booths provides exceptional service with experienced attendants ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  2. Versatility: Perfect for various events such as birthdays, engagements, and more.
  3. Instant Access: Guests can instantly share their photos and videos on social media, driving engagement.
  4. Props and Customization: A wide range of props and customization options are available to suit your event’s theme.

The Process

  1. Booking: Contact Melbourne 360 Booths or fill out the online booking form to secure the booth for your event.
  2. Preparation: An attendant will set up the booth and provide usage instructions.
  3. Capture: Guests take photos or videos, which can be customized with event-specific overlays or branding.
  4. Share: Instantly share the captured moments on social media or download them for later use.

Contact Melbourne 360 Booths

Ready to take your event to the next level? Contact Melbourne 360 Booths today to book your 360 photo booth and create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of fun to a corporate activation or capture the magic of a wedding, Melbourne 360 Booths has you covered. Visit Melbourne 360 Booths to learn more and book your 360 photo booth today. Experience the difference that a 360 photo booth can make and ensure your event is one to remember. Incorporating a 360 photo booth into your event is a surefire way to create buzz and engagement. With Melbourne 360 Booths, you get high-quality service, instant social media sharing, and an immersive experience that captures the essence of your celebration. Don’t settle for ordinary—make your event extraordinary with a 360 photo booth.